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Here at Agripro, we understand dairy farming. We recognise the value of your herd and farm infrastructure. We also know the importance of production continuity for your farm in the event of loss or damage. That’s why our expert team takes the time to understand your business and tailor an insurance program to mitigate your risk.

Highly skilled in agricultural risk management, we look at all aspects of your farm taking into account that each farm is different in terms of calving patterns, feed and pasture management, seasonal conditions and milk supply agreements.

From milk pumps and vat compressors to pulsation units, we have extensive knowledge about dairy farm operations. Here to help keep your farm running, our business interruption insurance cover is designed specifically for dairy operations. It gives you peace of mind that your cows will be milked and fed consistently, regardless of unexpected events.

Dairy Farm

INsurance Programs

  • Australia-wide combined public and products liability cover including liability cover for contaminated milk
  • Full mortality or listed events cover for whole dairy herds, heifers and bulls
  • Full comprehensive cover for tractors, ATF farm bikes, machinery and trucks
  • Farm business interruption insurance designed specifically for dairy farms, covering continuation costs such as re-establishing pasture after fire, and costs incurred to maintain your farm business such as additional feed, lease or transport costs
  • Cover for loss of milk either by antibiotic contamination, power failure or machinery breakdown.
  • Dairy farm management liability cover for companies covering:
    • Directors & Officers liability.
    • Statutory liability (EPA and Occupational Health and Safety fines and penalties).
    • Employment practices cover, including unfair dismissal, and faiure to employ, promote or harassment.
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